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If you’re looking to rent a lorry, you’re at the right place!


We have a wide range of vehicles for rent including vans, lorries, trucks and pickups to meet your requirements for relocation and moving, at a very reasonable price!


What to Consider When Renting a Vehicle

> Size and Type of Vehicle

Get our advise on which vehicle is best suited for your move


Rental Cost

Get in touch with us, to discuss rental rates. You will find that we are very reasonable and flexible


Number of Trips

This is important to help you gauge the amount of actual work involved


Period of Rental

Are you looking at a short term, or long term rental? Our vehicle is available to be rented for a few days to move premises, or even to be rented for a few months, to transport goods for your business. Get in touch and tell us your needs, we will do our best to fulfill them


Condition of Vehicles

The vehicle you rent has to be in the best possible condition, so that you can get the moving job done smoothly, without any breakdowns and problems. Our fleet of vehicles are very well maintained and regularly serviced, providing a safe environment to transport your goods to its destination


> Professional Drivers and Movers

Besides a well serviced vehicle, you need to ensure you have a competent driver and to operate the vehicle. You will need a proper moving team to transport your belongings without damaging them as well. 


Our priority is to meet your considerations above, and deliver you a lorry rental service that exceeds your expectations.


One trip : (Point A to Point B) with moving distance up to 20km within Klang Valley


RM 150

1 tonne

1 tonne 9 ft lorry

1 Driver


RM 300

3 tonne

3 tonne 14 ft lorry

1 Driver


RM 350

5 tonne

5 tonne 17 ft lorry

1 Driver

* Driver does not carry any stuff for this package

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