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Closing a Box


Save yourself the time and trouble of packing. Instead, take advantage of our leading and experienced team of movers and packers. Getting your items packed properly is a crucial step before moving them safely. 


Here in City Movers, we offer several types of packages to ensure that our clients get the best value for their money.


The list of things we can do for you is as follows:

Single time pack and move 

For this package, our team will arrive at your premises during your relocation. Our movers can provide materials to pack your items into boxes or cartons, load the goods onto our lorry and transport the items.

Pre-packing before moving

For larger scale and international deliveries, we can prepare the items before the day of the relocation. We will assess what are the things that should be left unpacked, and the rest of the items will be packed and sealed into boxes for moving on the following day. The purpose of this, is to make sure that the majority of items are already in boxes and are ready for transportation. We also provide temporary storage, should the need arises. 

Partial pack

We can cater to your specific request if you wish to be moving and to pack some exclusive things by yourself, to be transported by car and leave the more complicated things for us to pack. Just let us review the list of items that we can assist with, and we will do our best to assist.

Unpacking after the move

City Movers also provides unpacking services after the items have been relocated. We will unpack your item with care and ensure that they are placed in the right location. With our full unpack services, your office will be ready to operate without further hassle. 


Ensuring that your items are properly packed before the move, is extremely crucial. Most of us tend to underestimate the time and energy required to pack for a relocation. It will cause unnecessary stress if the task is not done properly. 

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