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Piano Movers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Klang Valley


In Kuala Lumpur, we are the pro-piano movers! Thought to move your piano to a diffrents place?

We assume that your piano is one of your favourite possessions because with that you have created beautiful music and memories. Moving your piano therefore should be done with the utmost care and expertise to secure it.

There are a few ways you can change your piano, you can call up a professional mover or do it with friends’ help. Due to its heavy weight and bulky size, moving this object is not an easy task. Special management skills are necessary to prevent harm or injury.


Your piano could be dented or the mover could get injured without proper moving techniques and equipment. Rest assured that if you seek our services in Kuala Lumpur, we will have the technical skills and experience to secure your precious piano, and you won’t have to worry about injuring your back.

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List of steps to move your piano

1. First determine piano type, e.g., Grand, Upright, Electric, or Organ.

2. Measure the piano weight and count. This is important to check whether the doors of your new location will open.

3. To avoid abrasion, cover with special moving blankets and protect the blanket around it with a packing tape.

4. The object will be carefully put on a rolling skid board to ensure it will not damage the piano, floor and other furniture.

5. Our piano movers will gently load the piano through tail lift into our lorry. The piano is tightly fastened onto the truck to prevent damage during delivery and our mover staff are qualified to drive smoothly on the lane.

6. Our piano movers can arrange that too, if you need storage facilities. Our storage room is set at the right temperature and humidity to keep your piano in good condition.

Typically we receive customer requests to tune or serve their piano after transportation as adjustments can occur due to moisture or temperature variations in the new setting. On request, our professional piano movers team does provide piano service after the move.

We believe your piano is one of your treasured possessions, because it is an instrument that creates nostalgic music and brings memories back. So making sure that your piano arrives at your new home on time, safe and sound is our top priority.


Our piano mover assistance is only available from ground floor / lift level (condo or apartment) to ground floor / lift level (condo or apartment). At this moment, our piano movers are unable to shift pianos up or down the staircase with manpower only, especially the baby grand type.


Our business is among the most trustworthy and reliable skilled movers in all of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, based on our past customer feedback and reviews.
Customers would also be delighted with the competitive price and facilities. We moved pianos including in the area of Cheras, Shah Alam, and the city of Puchong.

Call us now if you are looking for capable moving assistance in KL & Selangor and get a quote today for free.

Transparent Pricing

We give rates which are reliable and clear for your transfer. Tariffs suited to every budget. No surprises and no hidden overhead costs.

Trained Movers for You

Our movers team of experts are well-trained to perform all moving-related activities.

Preferred Schedule

Select the best time and day to move even on weekends or public holidays, at your convenience.


We provide a FREE site survey option so we can customize the best moving solution to suit your moving needs.

Preferred Schedule

No one understands the delicate procedure of moving a piano better than us.


We’ve been moving pianos for years now and with our proper moving techniques, your precious piano will be transported to its new home, safely and securely. 


Our Process :

Determine Type of Piano

> Ascertain the weight and measurements

> Wrap with special moving blankets to prevent abrasion

> Piano will be placed on a rolling skid board

> Piano carefully loaded via tail lift

> Storage facilities also available if needed


In addition to that, we also provide piano servicing and tuning upon client’s request. Servicing and tuning might be needed after the transportation due to the changes in humidity or temperature in the new environment

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